Growing your own confidence

I'm new to blogging so this will be a brief one guys. I'm on a journey. I'm discovering what it is I really want to do. Having met with a very good friend of mine earlier today I came away even more determined. She is also a creative....wanting to express herself more and to earn a living from what she loves to do....upcycling old furniture finds in charity shops combined with interior design advice. She reminded me of my self doubt in the early years. 
Painting was a hobby at first and I quickly grew to love it. The more I paint the more expression I need to put into it. I have to paint from the heart or else it feels all wrong. I see myself progressing with each new piece, bar the dodgy days! I have used painting as a way to channel negative things in my life into something positive.
The enjoyment I can bring to other people is what makes me tick most of all. A client once said to me, "Never underestimate the skill and talent you have to be able to translate words into pictures''. I loved this. It gave me a real boost. Each time somebody chooses a piece of my art to offer as a gift or to decorate their own space with, I feel a sense of achievement. It took me a long time to fully believe in what I am doing. The one thing that has stood to me is that I have been true to my own desires and this is what I want to say to that friend I mentioned above: The inner confidence will not come right away. Keep doing what you love to do. Eventually one day you will realise you have grown your own confidence and other people's encouragement is just like adding some water and sunshine to the plants to keep them flowering. So, don't beat yourself up. Don't compare yourself to others. Do what your gut tells you. Enjoy the journey. 
KiKi xxx

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