I am excited to share something new. I've wanted to launch a line of branded goods for many years and my spiral bound notebooks are just the beginning. I want to reach people like me, who have busy lives and need to slow it all down a little. Take the time to sit in a chair and express yourself on paper, whether it is words, drawings or scribbles. Let it out of your mind and on to paper. You will feel the difference as you breathe and tap into your inner voice. I've also designed these sea themed greeting cards suitable for all occasions and celebrating the vibrancy of nature.



I was selected by the Royal Ulster Academy of Arts to show my painting, 'Bare Feelings', at their 140th exhibition in November. It was such a privilege to be part of a line up like this. The painting depicts a mixed media bear who is coming to terms with their feelings as a single parent living in pandemic times, trying to be strong for their children and experiencing the loneliness that comes with going solo on this journey. Bear is not afraid to express themselves and they are proud to wear their heart on their sleeve as an emblem of strength, boldly branded on their chest.

tulips tulip painting painting of tulips flowers floral art abstract art maya the bee love flowers irish art irish artist colourful art cheerful art joy hope thistles green leaves


They have arrived. They are here to bring hope and joy to one and all! A collection that is dear to my heart, for it embodies a little part of the 5 year old KiKi. I really tried to channel the sense of expression only a child is capable of....pure undiluted joy, minus the restrictions placed on us as we become adults. The aim of the collection is to explore the courage of a little seed or bulb that is under the soil and is pushing itself towards the light, despite all the obstacles; seeking out the best in life.



I feel all kinds of happiness looking at my new painting! To say that I am over the moon is an understatement!

Yvonne, Waterford

I made sure to hang my painting where I would see it most often, for it to work its magic. I come down every morning and it's the first thing I see. It instantly brings me joy.

Louisa, Waterford

Just found kikiroosliart on Insta. She painted this pic for me of my fab boxer, Dinky, who we sadly lost during Lockdown. It always makes me smile.

Dr. Pixie Mc Kenna, London

Love it so much, it's hanging pride of place in our sitting room.

Barbara, Dublin

Thank you so much. Our home will be forever brighter because of you.

Aoife, Waterford

Your cow has added sunshine to these bleak days. I smile everytime I see her.

Anne, Waterford