Hommmmmmm. Hail Moo full of goodness, beefiest art thou amongst bovines and beautiful is the fruit of  thy loins made of canvas. Holy Cow, mother of moos, pay for our dinners, now and at the hour of Black Friday. AMOO.
No offence intended but I do enjoy a good giggle. Last Thursday week a friend and I were in my living room having coffee, solving world problems and discussing our woes, well, mostly mine;) I mentioned I wanted to do a  pre-Christmas something or other but didn't know what. She immediately said why not do a Black Friday Sale. I was hesitant, I won't lie....not a fan of the Black Friday thing AT ALL especially since I found out where the name actually comes from. Weird! Why oh why? Madness of the human race. Anyhow, leaving my principles in the hen house I embarked upon the sale of the year;) 
With a little bit of promo here and a little bit there I pulled a pre-sale hype together somehow. MOOmentum was building as cows, hens, gulls, fish and peeps began to converge in my studio to kick off the last hurrah of 2017 together.  And what a partay it turned out to be!!   
Thanks to all the people who have supported my art from the beginning and thanks to new art-lovers who have joined me on the journey. Special ass-lickin, hen-peckin love 'n' gratitude to Miss Louisa:) You da rock! And I tell you, on this rock I shall build my empire;)) 
Hugely thankful and massively relieved. The lesson from this sermon is: Do not be afraid. Sow and you shall reap. Go forth and party.
Cheers one and all. Here's to a bright 2018 for you and your clan.
KiKi xx

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